The hotel with the festival
float parade view.

The autumn grand festival
of the Karatsu Shrine
Karatsu Kunchi.

You can enjoy
a clear view of the
performance of
the celebrated floats.


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A traditional hotel with
a history of 100 years,
located in Karatsu castle town.

Nagasakisou, located in the center of Karatsu City, is the best hotel for sightseeing. Even outside of the Karatsu Kunchi season, you can observe all of the 14 Karatsu floats closely at the float exhibition hall located within a one-minute walk of the hotel.
Also, many historic sites around Nagasakisou where you can see restored buildings and other structures of the castle town in Karatsu are well-known as places to rest when strolling around the town.
The area is recommended as a walking course during your stay in Nagasakisou.
As a hotel where you can enjoy fresh cuisine ingredients and experience the history of Karatsu, we look forward to serving you.


Dinner for a special day such
as an anniversary or other occasions

We lovingly prepare magnificent ikizukuri sashimi and kaiseki set meals with seasonal ingredients and seafood from the Genkai-nada Sea. Enjoy them to the full.

Specialty products of Karatsu
which you can enjoy at Nagasakisou


To satisfy guests

We offer refined and aesthetic Japanese-style space where you can spend a relaxing time.

Banquet Room

We create a wonderful time for you.

We have a wide range of venues for banquets, ceremonial occasions, etc.
We offer Japanese and Western style venues as well as Japanese style rooms with chairs as requested.

Large and Small

Time to relax with your family

Various amenities are provided. You can enjoy bathing with your children. Water inspections are conducted regularly, so you can use the baths with full confidence.
Large bath: Up to 8 people, Small bath: Up to 4 people


It sees with a large map.

Information about Nagasakisou

Karatsujinja-mae, Nishijonai, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
Toll Free Number: 0120-22-5480 TEL: 0955-72-2254   FAX: 0955-73-6328